Little Venice Puncak, Indonesia

5 Amazing Places To See In Bogor, Indonesia

Bogor is well famous among tourists for its cool and breezy weather. It is even loved more for those incredible experiences one gets here, whether it six walking through the vast expanse of tea gardens or paragliding. There are loads of locations to explore and tons of thrilling and relaxing activities to choose from while […]

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Lentil Gluten Free, Vegetarian Pâté Recipe

My first attempt to make lentil pate was an epic failure. My second one, I am not exaggerating, was amazing! Ingredients you will need for the lentil pate: 500g of red lentils 1 carrot (shredded) 1 onion (finely chopped) 2-3 slices of zucchini (cut into cubes) 1 teaspoon of pepper 1 tablespoon of salt (I use […]

Dakhla attitude VIP luxury boutique hotel camp surf Sahara king-size bed

How To Reach Hotels Out For a Free Stay (For Bloggers, Photographers, Journalists)

This post includes affiliate link(s). Read more in the disclosure here. So you’re here because you’re a blogger and want to start approaching hotels and guest houses for collaboration opportunities, right? I’ve heard this question numerous times: “How do you get to travel for free?” I’ve partially answered this question here, but I know that’s […]

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Social Entrepreneurship & Solo Female Travel – Interview With Hind Touissate

Can you imagine  a fashion designer, social entrepreneur, public speaker, blogger, polyglote, solo female traveler in one body? Well, these are just a couple of words to briefly describe this amazing person that is Hind. She’s a Moroccan woman, born in 1990. An inspiration for many, a social influencer who embraces change and makes education […]

Behind the lens, observing life in Warsaw Old Town

10 Things That Make a Pole, Polish

  we love to complicate things… We don’t use articles. We have cases and conjugation instead… Depending on what you mean it may sound z Karoliną (with Karolina), daję Karolinie (I give to Karolina), lubię Karolinę (I like Karolina), urodziny Karoliny (birthday of Karolina), gdzie jest Karolina (where is Karolina), Karolino (Karolina!). Foreign movies and series are […]

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Be (Like) A Local

I don’t know how about you guys, but I have never enjoyed tourist attractions. I assume that, since you landed on this page, you probably don’t enjoy them neither! Thanks to my many experiences, traveling alone, surfing couches in Europe, hosting travelers, showing them around Poland and Morocco, I figured out a way to enjoy […]