How To Earn Money While Travelling?

So you are here because you want to earn money online, right?

You are in the right place!

If you want to start earning as soon as possible, read on!

I’ve been trying out different ways to earn online and freelance and I’ve listed them for you.

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Pitch Websites For Freelance Writing

There are several ways to get published on other blogs or websites. The most popular one among bloggers and freelancers is to pitch publishers online on websites such as:

I usually prefer to google like-minded websites and contact them directly asking if they are looking for freelance writers rather then be a part of the rat-race for a ridiculous $1 per page…

I sometimes get people contacting me directly through my blogs and ask if I’d be interested in writing for them.

If you don’t know how to get started, you can check some of the websites I’ve listed below:

Sell Your Creativity

There is a very useful website I’m partnering with where you could sell your designs, photos, texts and any intellectual property Croogster or Fiverr.

You can create a logo, write tailored blog content, proofread, manage someone’s social media channels, sell the rights to your photos or make a video for someone. Possibilites are endless and all you have to do is to determine what you’re good at and start selling it!

The idea is that it should cost $5, not more! Every service via Croogster is sold with the same price.


I am sure you’ve mastered something.


I provide consulting services to foreigners who want to learn Moroccan Arabic, are moving to Morocco or are planning to open a business.

Still no idea what you could do?

Think about what you like doing or what you know? Think what could be useful for people in your blog’s niche? What do your readers need?

No idea?

People moving to Morocco need need three main things: Moroccan dialect courses, organized trips and help in paperwork in Morocco. And I help them with that.

Now think: what do your Readers want?

Create a consulting tab on your blog and give people what they ask for! It should be simple and in the same time provide detailed info about what you offer (social media consulting to boost your business, paperwork help in moving to Spain, tricks to boost Instagram traffic, blog creation etc.).


Some people hate it and some people love it. I personally know tens of people who earn five times more with multi-level marketing than they used to earn in their 9-5 office jobs.

I don’t really like to ask people to join such programs because I know how skeptical they are and I don’t really want to “molest” others to join the network.

There is no doubt that MLM can earn you some good money. However, there are three conditions needed to succeed: you must be willing to sell, you are patient and don’t expect overnight results, and you truly believe in the product you are selling!

I used to be FM Group Poland member and I’ve met people who earn horrendous amounts of money but I wasn’t determined enough to keep going. Maybe you will. There are many different MLM programs all around the world and you can find thousands of blogs devoted to this kind of business.

Sell Online Udemy Courses

How does it work? I am sure you are an expert in a way! You master a language, know how to create websites, want to share your finance knowledge… There are so many skills that can be taught!

A friend of mine, the founder of Hello Darija, created a course for beginners of Moroccan dialect of Arabic. Indeed, it took him quite a while to create it but now he is getting money flowing without doing anything!


As I have mentioned in the section about Udemy courses, I earn a commission from each Moroccan dialect course that is sold through my link. This is some kind of affiliation.

There are hundreds of programs offering affiliate links and they pay from 4% up to 60% of the revenue! I like this kind of program because if I genuinely love the product and it fits in my niche, I feel good about promoting it.

I personally use Amazon and I like it for two main reasons: it’s ridiculously easy to use and the choice of products is amazing.

There’s one thing you have to know before subscribing. Most of those programs don’t accept new bloggers. You need to have a well-established blog with good Page Rank, following and traffic.


I haven’t written one myself (yet) but I know a lot of bloggers who have and it became their main source of cash.

Aggie from Travel In Her Shoes wrote an e-book about her adventure to Kilimanjaro:



Remote customer service

A friend of mine makes $1300 a month by providing customer care services to companies.

She uses but there are many other websites that you could use (see the beginning of this post)

I am not a Help Desk person so I don’t really look for this kind of jobs but maybe they would be interesting for you?

Sell your products

Are you creative? Like making accessories, clothes, any handmade items?

You can sell them on Etsy, Ebay, DaWanda and many online platforms.

Handmade Africa Shaped Earrings wood wooden afro afryka kolczyki afrykanskie
Handmade earrings you can order online!

Do you have any other ways to earn online? Share in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “How To Earn Money While Travelling?”

  1. Nice tips! We have full time jobs; obviously, we can’t quit working due to familial responsibilities. However, it’s always great to have an alternative source of income, especially when traveling long-term. We’ve worked in UpWork, but the ridiculously low offers on projects is killing the industry. Today, we supplemented our income through lead generation (for Sheila) and contributing articles to an online magazine.

  2. These are really good resources. I have tried applying to some of the companies that you have mentioned. I am a digital nomad. I am still a beginner so reading your post is definitely helpful. I like the idea of selling Udemy courses. It could generate a huge passive income in the long run.

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