The Best Carry-On For Low-Cost Airlines

I have been travelling with a suitcase since I remember. I’ve never worn a backpack, oh, I did, at school! During the many years of travelling I totally forgot how comfortable a backpack can be.

I’ve seen many of my fellow bloggers getting Cabin Zero so I thought… I’d give it a try too!

Ah, wait till the end because I’ve got a surprise for you!

Why I swaped my suitcase for a Cabin Zero?

Cabin Zero‘s creators wanted to design a backpack that would suit the needs of a modern, light traveller. Less stress, more space.

There’re lots of pockets and the backpack can be carried like a bag, too! Apart from that, there are three major reasons why I am really satisfied with my Cuban brown Cabin Zero!

Side compression straps

It’s not always that I use all the space in my luggage. I really don’t like when my things fly inside of my suitcase and I have no control over it. Once, when I was coming from Morocco, I had a tagine dish in my carry-on and… it cracked!

Thanks to the compression straps it’s easy to adjust the size of the backpack and avoid situations like that!

Light weight

The Cabin Zero that I have is as light as 760 grams, which is more or less three times lighter than my previous suitcase! It gives me nearly 1500 grams additional space and I don’t worry about the weight limits (especially with the low-cost airlines!)

When I fly with the carry-on only, I usually exceed the limit by a couple of kilos and have to repack to avoid problems at the airport.

Global Tracker

Thanks to the Okoban Global Tracker my belongings are double secured! Apart from the name label that I usually place on my luggage, my backpack is now secured with the unique Okoban code. If I ever lose it, someone who finds it, will see the code and once he types it in on Okoban website, I’ll be able to get my things back!

My luggage was once lost in Berlin, luckily I got it back the following day, but it’s always better to take more precautions!

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